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17 Empowering Strategies to Become Your Authentic Self

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Do you ever find yourself wearing a mask, hiding your true identity, and trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t truly reflect who you are? This facade, this fakeness, weighs heavily on our hearts and souls. The agony of concealing our authentic selves just to seek validation, acceptance, and a sense of belonging is excruciating.

We have all experienced moments of pretending to be someone we’re not. Whether it stems from fear, low self-esteem, or the desire to be accepted, putting on this act often feels like the only option. However, the longer we wear this mask, the easier it becomes to lose sight of our true selves. We gradually forget who we really are.

The Draining Role of Inauthenticity

Imagine playing different roles for every person you encounter throughout the day. It’s emotionally draining and causes us to lose touch with our genuine identity. Have you ever stood in front of a mirror, gazing into your own eyes, and asked, “Who are you?”

Unfortunately, society often sets unrealistic standards that simply don’t apply to everyone. As a result, we set the bar too high or too low for ourselves. We fall into the trap of comparison, competition, and judgment, ultimately leading us to give up on our true selves. It’s crucial to remember that even those we perceive as perfect have their own flaws and imperfections.

It’s understandable that we desire to be liked and accepted, but bending over backward to please everyone is an exhausting endeavor. No matter how perfectly we portray ourselves, we cannot please everyone.

Unleash Your Authenticity: Discovering the Real You

If you’re unhappy with your habits, routines, communication style, appearance, or personality traits, change is within reach. Start by accepting yourself, letting go of self-judgment, and planning for personal growth. Research shows that practicing self-compassion boosts self-esteem.

  1. Focus on Self-Love: Embrace Your True Being Instead of fixating on others and trying to be like them, shift your focus inward. Remember, loving yourself is not selfish; it’s a prerequisite for loving others. Set your own standards and measure your personal success on your terms.
  2. Find Inspiration: Cultivate Your Unique Identity The people you admire are not flawless. Rather than trying to mimic them, strive to create your own authentic identity. Make a list of individuals you admire and identify the qualities or habits that resonate with you. Learn from their experiences and integrate those qualities into your own life. In essence, forge your path to become the best version of yourself.
  3. Confront Your Fears: Embrace Courage Fear is a natural part of life, but you don’t have to let it control you. Don’t let fear dictate your actions. Make a list of things you’ve been meaning to do and take small steps toward achieving them. Embrace failure as a valuable teacher that guides you in the right direction. Be bold, remembering that great victories often come from many small triumphs.
  4. Create a Positive Environment: Foster Positivity Direct your attention toward the positive aspects of life. Surround yourself with uplifting influences, supportive mentors, and positive thoughts. The company you keep and the thoughts you nurture significantly impact your personal and professional growth.
  5. Forgive Yourself: Fuel Your Progress Self-forgiveness is crucial for personal growth and advancement. Understand that forgiveness is an act of self-care, allowing you to redirect your energy toward your own development and improvement. Release the burden of past mistakes, both your own and those made by others. Remember that no one is perfect, and forgiveness opens doors to self-discovery and transformation.
  6. Focus on Progress: Embrace Imperfection Perfection shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. Instead, focus on your progress. Even if you perform well, there’s always room for improvement. Celebrate milestones and recognize that growth is an ongoing journey.
  7. Develop Resilience: Rise Above Challenges Life presents numerous challenges. When you stumble and fall, summon the resilience to get back up and keep moving forward. Failure provides valuable insights about ourselves. Remember that change is always possible. At the end of each day, celebrate the courage you displayed in pursuing your goals.
  8. Build Self-Worth: Embrace Self-Acceptance Realize that you’ll never be “good enough” for everyone. Instead of seeking validation externally, redirect that energy towards accepting and valuing all aspects of yourself.

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Five Must-Read Books for Embracing Your True Self

These books offer valuable insights, strategies, and inspiration for individuals seeking to embrace their authentic selves and live more fulfilling lives.

  1. The Gifts of Imperfection: 10th Anniversary Edition by Brené Brown This 10th-anniversary edition of Brené Brown’s influential book offers valuable insights into embracing imperfections and cultivating wholeheartedness. With a new foreword and additional tools, it guides readers on a transformative journey toward self-acceptance and genuine connections with others. Find the book On Amazon: The Gifts Of Imperfection
  2. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown In “Daring Greatly,” Brené Brown explores the power of vulnerability and how embracing it can lead to a more fulfilling and authentic life. By challenging societal expectations and embracing our true selves, we can build stronger relationships, cultivate resilience, and create positive change. Find the book on Amazon: Daring Greatly
  3. Stop Overthinking: 23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter Your Mind, and Focus on the Present (The Path to Calm) by Nick Trenton In this practical guide, Nick Trenton provides effective techniques to overcome overthinking and find inner calm. By decluttering the mind, managing stress, and focusing on the present moment, readers can break free from the shackles of self-doubt and live authentically. Find the book on Amazon: Stop Overthinking
  4. How to Be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety by Ellen Hendriksen For those struggling with social anxiety and a persistent inner critic, “How to Be Yourself” offers valuable advice and practical strategies. Ellen Hendriksen provides insights and techniques to build confidence, overcome self-doubt, and embrace one’s authentic self in social situations. Find the book on Amazon How to Be Yourself
  5. Happier Now: How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments (Even the Difficult Ones) by Nataly Kogan Nataly Kogan’s “Happier Now” encourages readers to let go of the pursuit of perfection and find joy in everyday moments. By practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and self-compassion, readers can break free from the cycle of chasing external validation and find fulfillment in the present. Find the book on Amazon: Happier Now

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Embracing Authenticity

To embrace your authenticity fully, adopt the following mindset:

  1. Don’t Aim to Please Others: Your true self should not be sacrificed to please everyone around you.
  2. Don’t Worry About How Others View You: Trust that those who truly matter will embrace you for who you are.
  3. Learn More About Yourself: Engage in self-reflection and introspection to uncover your true desires and aspirations.
  4. Appreciate Who You Are: Celebrate your uniqueness and embrace your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Be Confident with Who You Are: Stand tall in your authenticity, knowing that you possess inherent value.
  6. Forgive Yourself: Release any self-judgment or guilt for past mistakes and embrace personal growth.
  7. Stop Being Negative About Yourself: Cultivate self-compassion and replace self-criticism with self-affirmation.
  8. Find a Hobby That You Love: Engage in activities that bring you joy and help you express your true self. Learn from Your Mistakes: View mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning, rather than as indicators of failure.
  9. Strive for What You Want to Accomplish: Set meaningful goals that align with your true values and aspirations.

Remember, you have only one life, and it is yours to live authentically. Embrace your unique qualities, talents, and purpose. Instead of hiding in the shadows, choose to become the best version of yourself, allowing your true essence to shine brightly. Embrace your authenticity, and you’ll find that you no longer have to apologize for being you.


  • Reply Rachel June 24, 2021 at 11:26 am

    I love all these pointers in finding your true self. I’m a school counselor and strive to teach my students this everyday.

  • Reply Roxana Borcsa June 30, 2021 at 8:37 am

    Time to come out of the shadow and be yourself! I absolutely loved it especially because all my life I believed in authenticity and now I am helping people truly discover themselves and become authentic.
    As you pointed out very well: Instead of wasting energy pretending to be someone else, we can in fact change, create and become the person we want to be. If we only focus on the deep meaning of this words, we will discover new things about us!

    • Reply Lani June 30, 2021 at 11:06 pm

      Hello Roxana,

      I absolutely loved your comment. I am on this journey of becoming the person I want to be, live the life I want to live, and just be authentic and proud of myself. I am happy to hear that you are helping people in self-discovery and authenticity. May you be blessed for your efforts.
      If you enjoyed this post, do check out my other inspiring posts. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • Reply Marnie July 12, 2021 at 8:12 am

    This is such an insightful post! I love your tips for creating who you want to be. It’s a real paradox that we put on masks to be who we think we want to be, but the best way to achieve that is to take our mask off. thank you! xx

  • Reply Aditi Jain August 26, 2021 at 2:05 pm

    It really becomes easy overtime when you just try to be yourself instead of being someone else.

    • Reply Lani August 27, 2021 at 6:33 am

      Hi Adidti,

      I absolutely agree. Accepting ourselves and having the choice to be better instead of pleasing others can be so liberating.

  • Reply Jimmy Clare | CrazyFitnessGuy August 26, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    I used to hide behind my brand and write in 3rd person. But once I finally showing people who really writes for my website they really started to engage with it and started to following me.

    • Reply Lani August 27, 2021 at 6:34 am

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. We are in the same boat!

  • Reply Evie August 27, 2021 at 4:50 am

    This is such a beautiful post. I wish the entire world could embrace it. It’s so much more powerful to be you than any pretend persona you could create. Plus the time it would take to be what you think everyone needs. Just be you and let the world love you for who you are.

    • Reply Lani August 27, 2021 at 6:35 am

      Hi Evie,

      Absolutely love your comment and 100% agree. Thanks

  • Reply Fransic verso August 19, 2022 at 2:18 pm

    Interesting tips, I agree with you we need to explore and find habits we like and things we need to improve.

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      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

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      I’m Glad you enjoyed this post. It’s definitely worth reading.

  • Reply nia August 25, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    Great post and really love the message here! When i became more authentic, I also attracted the people around me who liked me for me and that was so special. Really encouraging and positive post. Thank you for this!

    • Reply Lani August 26, 2022 at 9:14 am

      Hi Nia,

      I’m happy to hear the changes that happened in your life once you started to just be authentically you. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for the support.

  • Reply Ruth August 28, 2022 at 9:53 am

    Thanks for this great post. I have been really working on being more comfortable and confident about myself. Life is definitely too short to waste time hiding in the shadows! Lots of great tips that I look forward to referring back to.

    • Reply Lani September 5, 2022 at 5:24 am

      Hi Ruth,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post, I’m glad you got some tips along the way!

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    Great post! Being our true selves takes a lot of courage.

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